Here, at The Queer Art Collective, we put queer artists at the forefront and refuse to have their true stories silenced. It's our mission to breakdown heteronormative art culture and create a space that doesn't tokenize sexuality for means of "diversity". Queerness is not a performance to be commercialized and capitalized upon.

Taylor, the founder of this organization, has a wild passion for art and has dreamt of starting a gallery for years. The this is a passion project that's rooted in her desire to provide an open and honest representation of queerness. 

  Learn more about our team below.

Who We Are


Veronica Murray

Veronica was born and raised in Massachusetts, where she got her bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst before she set out to travel the country. For years she's worked for non-profit activist organizations and she brings that spirit of bold action solidarity to the gallery. Her time organizing and working with artists on campaigns instilled a belief in the power of art and community.

Taylor Davis

Taylor grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and began a long stint of travelling the United States at 18 years old. She's only recently found herself at home in Providence, Rhode Island. During her travels, including a 5 month tour down the west coast and across the southwest, she's seen an immense amount of galleries on the way; all have inspired her for this project. She's currently working on a degree in Psychology and in Art History to further explore how the human mind intertwines itself with art.


Karolyn Auer

Karolyn is a Bristol County Agricultural High School graduate and a Freshman at Bristol Community College. She is dedicated to protecting the environment and finding ethical solutions to modern agriculture. She has a deep rooted love of animals and rides English horseback competitively. 



Finnegan is Washington born, but he got his degree in Finance from the Internet before setting out to travel the country. For years he's worked fruitlessly to teach his brother Beauregard about taxes. He now brings that relentless and stubborn spirit to the gallery. His hobbies include running about and chasing red dots to help keep his skills sharp and laser focused.