Avia Rose Ramm (she/they) is a born and raised San Diego-based visual artist. She aims to portray vulnerability and the melancholy of living through a fidgety relationship between herself and animals. She takes elements from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Impressionist art periods, as well as her Catholic upbringing, and integrates into them her work to address issues of extreme anxiety, depression, and documenting the journey of self-acceptance. Avia uses the depiction of animals, most often sheep, unicorns, and snakes, in contrast to their use in Christianity in order to subvert the meaning attached to them. In the last year, she has explored ideas of qualia (my red is not the same as your red) and synesthesia  (the mixing of the senses, the drink tastes like the color red looks). She has found much beauty in our individual experience of the world and seeks to portray these abstract, intangible concepts in a familiar visual way in order to feel less isolated. She used to see her brain as a dark kenophobic place, but it is of infinite possibilities, power, and paradise. Temporary, faked joy will be a thing of the past. We are our genesis, the Garden of Eden is within our heads. To find peace and acceptance within herself, she has found the capacity to help the community do the same. Her primary mediums are oil painting and digital animation.

She received her BA in Studio Arts from San Diego State University and is currently working at Good Faith Gallery