DARKRECONSTRUCTION is an abstract expressionist painter from Queens, NY. Their work is centered around the relationship between organic and man-made landscapes. They are inspired by pollution, waste materials, natural textures, and a universe far bigger than any of us can comprehend.

They find inspiration in a variety of art styles, from modern eco-brutalism and vaporwave to traditional Russian folk art styles such as Khokhloma painting, and classic expressionist painters like Yayoi Kusama.

For the Petrichor show, they focused on creating a series of moody, melancholy pieces that captured the soul of a rainstorm.

Falling Skies, Promised Wind, Moon River, Elysium, and Power are part of the Sterling collection of paintings, created specifically for this show. Silver leaf combined with multichrome and holographic accents allow for a multi-dimensional viewing experience from every angle. The paintings will change as the viewer moves, or as the light changes. Parts of the paintings are blue-light reactive, for a different viewing experience in every moment. You can never step in the same river twice, as it is never the same water and you are never the same person. You can never see the same painting the same way twice.

Nite + Day 1 and 2 are partners from this summer's Stormscapes collection. They are inspired by storm clouds against a blazing, glorious sunset. They are dreamy, frothy, and misleadingly serene. The storm will be here with a roaring fury sooner than you would expect.