My work is my autobiography.

Current work explores space and volume, line and geometry, past and present using photography and video as the means to establish image and composition. The pandemic quarantine has allowed me the time to examine images from sound projects, travel locations, studio records and an on-going self-portrait series and to let new ways of looking at the relationship of abstraction and representation emerge. Snippets of life, gesture, place, sex and color are brought together to form visual scapes. For years I have pondered the notion of what is representation/reality and abstraction/truth. Is a photograph reality or truth? Is representation abstraction or reality? In an era of technology driven media, do boundaries blur, or do they simply stop existing? Architecture continues to be the most inspirational means to explore my visual, performance and sound work. The collection of digital images responds to my Bauhaus education at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, plus reflects my current life in Arizona, which is new and a bit disorienting. Art is a combination of experiences and current questions needing contemplation. As I review my photographs, the life that made them comes back to me, which affects my current state of mind and creativity. Memories push me forward to find the conclusions that the new works demand. A new life, in a new location, opens the door for fresh responses and outcomes. What the photographs capture is merely the beginning of the visual journey to what the digital collages become. 

Abstraction is not a style, but a state of mind...a balance of subtlety and boldness, confidence and risk...the known, and that what needs to be found