Sara K Dunn is a Queer feminine illustrator, printmaker, and creator based in Providence, RI. She is inspired by nature and queer and fluid folks that inhabit the strange, small city that is

Providence. As a white, cisgender artist on Narraganset and Wampanoag land, Sara tries to uplift the narratives of others and not misrepresent other cultures through her lens. In this spirit, she mostly draws inspiration from her own learned histories and experiences.

Artist Statement

Going through the stages of grief and going through a storm feel much alike. You can tell something is off - or you can smell the petrichor - at first. The ocean is calm, but there is

building tension. 

Then, the storm starts and the fatal event occurs. It is overwhelming and unavoidable unless

you have physical or mental shelter. You can’t think of anything else but the storm as it is raging. It is all-consuming, and painful. If a storm is drawn out and continuous, you eventually become numb to the destruction and breakage. It feels as if this is a new state of being. Grief drowns out your senses,

Days, weeks, months, years, may go past. Grief has an iron grip, but even iron cannot stand up to time. You can only hope that you persevere. As it calms, and the storm subsides, you have to assess the damage, the change, the adaptation that took place. It ends in reflection and hopefully healing. And in healing, new growth. This is what petrichor brings to mind. These works show my own stages of grief in surreal feminine figures with odd plant formations that don’t feel quite right or real.