Sara K. Dunn

Born in North America, raised in Stuttgart, Germany​and is currently based out of Providence, RI.​

Sara was raised on a steady diet of art history, traveling, eerie music and visually striking books. She has been continuously inspired by the timeless architecture and nature around her. She has created a world of her own while still considering the contemporary world around her. ​

Sara dabbles in many different mediums, ranging from detailed pen work to porcelain forms. She likes to consider the relationship between objects and the spaces around them, constantly trying to find new ways of conveying this concept. She is open to doing works that reach different age groups; from ones geared towards children to more sophisticated concepts. ​

If she's not in her studio bedroom, you can find her in gardens around Rhode Island, communing with the plants. 

172 Exchange Street, Suite 101

Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860


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