Serena Lincoln

Serena Lincoln is a multi-media visual artist residing in Rhode Island. They’ve been drawing since they could hold a pencil and have since worked with every medium that was made available. Since very young, they’ve had a focus on narrative art, which is a direct consequence of consuming comics, animated shows, and shorts on the old website Newgrounds that inspired and continues to inspire to this day.  The use of heavy shadows and an ever-present thick outline is a constant of their work, as well as stories of political upset, gender and sexual identity, and experiences with religion. They have penciled and inked many zines and 

comics for themselves, and collaborated with other writers. Currently, they are studying for a Printmaking BFA, Painting BA, and English minor at Rhode Island College. They've been the visiting artist at the BVP Art Show and had work shown at the Student Gallery at Parsons School of Design. 

172 Exchange Street, Suite 101

Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860


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